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Gumbo Box

Yooo….GUMBO BOX , a new band from old school garage- punkers from Tidon Valley and river PO banks!…A mixture of ex-members from an historical punk band called STINKING POLECATES, MITCH AND THE TEEKAYS, mr LUCA RANCATI , well known as MICCETTA , bass player and excellent  singer, ALBERTO PATO MAFFI ex-drummer of surf’s addicted  LIQUID GERMS , SIR JACK AND THE GRANDMA MODES and the” FABULOUS ” LINK QUARTET , in the end NIK “DR MOLECOLA” MAFFI , PATO’s brother in action, on guitars  , voice and Farfisa , ex-member of surf’s addicted LIQUID GERMS ,ex  bass player for  criminal punkers MORTICIA’S LOVERS , Farfisa player for party instigators TITTY TWISTERS ORCHESTRA , and psychedelic inflators called SIR JACK AND THE GRANDA MODES , out on OTHER EYES RECORDS with two works called INFLATABLE EXPERIENCE and HAND MADE IN THE SHEEN AGE.

Their first upcoming release will be simply called GUMBO BOX, inspired by creole foods, okra sound, and the genuine Garage punk of the ’60s and the ’90s. A soup of THE SONICS , THE HERMITS , BILLY CHILDISH all mixed up and set up for a night with booze and super loud rock and roll dances!!!…all made of with original tunes as REGGAE ON MY MIND , the soul sound of DIG IT , super hit punk as CITY OF ASSEMBLY LINE and TOKYO GIRL , and covers as the SHIRLEY ELLIS ‘s CLAPPING SONG and super unknown nuggets from the 60s called THE WADDLE hit by DON BARBER AND THE DUKES and MARK VALENTINO’s PUSH AND KICK!!!…. Get ready to party and dance with the sound of GUMBO BOX!!!


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