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The Swiss based artist, Karl Lagerfake, is devoted to 80’s electro pop, brit rock and pop, recalling both the Beatles’ heritage as well as that of other great British bands from the sixties.

This time, the positive sense of anticipation that usually precedes a new release is a bit offset and mingled with melancholy because of the passing of Luca, who wrote, played and arranged every single note of the Karl Lagerfake project.

Luca was first of all a friend, but also an artist who had just completed the remarkable collection of songs that form this album. It is a precious legacy that describes himself, his dreams, his fears, his life, and that helps us fill the void created by his loss, fittingly  through his music.

But for the moment, let’s try to set aside the sadness and turn up the volume on Karl Lagerfake’s music!

Enjoy the first single, “Out of Office”, as a little taste of the album coming out in January 2024.


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