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Warm Morning Brothers on Musichronic

Back in 2014, when I started this blog, Warm Morning is one of my first targets. I had an interview with Simone two years ago when they just released their third album, ‘Stolen Beauty’. Compared to that, their fourth album, ‘A Bunch of Weeds’, which was just released, sounds a bit different.

I have been listening to them since their second album, ‘Too Far From The Stars’, and I can say that their musical improvement from album to album is impressive. Impressive means they are open for exploration without losing any signature of their sound. You can still feel the 60s pop or Sunshine Pop atmosphere – The Turtles, The Beach Boys, you name it – in a mix of charming chamber folk.

While in ‘Stolen Beauty’, the composition tends to give more space for chamber folk, ‘A Bunch of Weeds’ lies in the middle. The result is, songs like ‘An Ode to Hella’, ‘Charming Red Lips of Dark’, ‘Cumberland Street’, ‘The Boy and Marlene Ghost’, ‘Lucid Madness’, for me, feels like summary of who Warm Morning is. Still using the same formula – melancholy string arrangement and sweetness of pop – I feel Warm Morning has reached their own checkpoint, where maturity and joyful meet. I am super happy for this album, hope you are too.

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